This word for the majority of us comes to mean something rather more than just a way to spend our days off, something so much more than just sport and fun. This philosophy is gaining more and more followers all over the World.

SALMO lures

You only have to fish with SALMO lures once to become convinced of how special they are. They really are not just more imitations made to satisfy the whims of collector-anglers – these lures are unique for several reasons.


They verify all our ideas, despite the origin of the lure’s design and place of its birth. Fish are the final and the most demanding critics of our best ideas and of our modern lure-making technology. The duty of all anglers is to be aware of the numerous threats that civilization poses to fish and to disseminate knowledge about a modern approach to our beloved sport.

For these reasons we recommend our products with pride, but also with some fear. Their unbelievable efficiency provides a serious threat to trophy fish that were previously impossible to catch for the vast majority of anglers. SALMO lures are dangerous weapons. We trust however that together with us – the creators of SALMO lures – you will join our urgent appeal to all anglers.

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