Ortlieb Money Belt Waterproof Waist Bag

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Money belt - comfortable, waterproof bag, which is used for carrying money and inserted around the waist.

If you have to protect and conceal your travel documents and money matters,  then the Money Belt is the item to opt for. It is made to be worn around your midsection to keep your valuables secure, dry and clean.

The Valuables Bag is the non-transparent variation of our Record Bag. Usage it anywhere you intend to keep components out of sight.

  • with adjustable waist strap
  • can also be fixed to leg or arm

Info: All products are 100% waterproof and dustproof. The handy roll closures in combination with Velcro, and the tough welded seams provide an airtight seal.

  • D09S
  • PS 17 - Nylon with PU (Polyurethane) processing
  • 11 cm / in.
  • 30 cm / in.
  • 60 g
SKU g_032
Manufacturer Ortlieb